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This wiki page is a collaborative brainstorm that attempts to answer the question: "what do I need to know to become a web developer?". See the related forum discussion.

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Basic Tools[edit]

  • Get a good text editor. Sublime Text is a good place to start. Atom is another popular free editor. If you're ambitious, try Vim or Emacs.
  • Use Linux or Mac. It will be much easier in the long run if you don't try to learn on Windows. (The exception is .NET programming.) If you have Windows, it's recommended that you either dual-boot Ubuntu or run Ubuntu in a virtual machine.

HTML / CSS[edit]

  • Learn basic HTML and CSS
  • Reactor Prep
  • TODO: add links to resources


Version Control[edit]


Server Management[edit]

  • Get a cheap server on Digital Ocean or Linode and go through their excellent setup guides. Deploy sample sites on Apache and nginx at least for the experience.
  • FTP (e.g., Filezilla) -- this is good to know


This community has a lot of focus on Python, but you could choose another language if you would like.


  • TODO -- add more ideas for exercises

Basic HTML/CSS Website[edit]

  • Create a simple small business website with Flask
  • Use Python 3 and Virtualenv
  • You can include any desired CSS and JS libraries using cdnjs.com