How to Login over SSH without a Password (Ubuntu)

This page has instructions on how to get started with passwordless login to remote servers over SSH.

You will need to generate a pair of keys on your local machine and then copy the public key to the remote machine.

Look for instructions that are specific to whatever server that you're using. E.g., Github, Site5.

Startup Job Fair in Berkeley, January 2016

If you're looking for a job or for employees, don't miss this job fair in Berkeley!

Looking for a job at a startup? Join us on January 28 at NextSpace for the first ever Berkeley Startup Job Fair! The event is co-hosted by Localwise and the City of Berkeley’s Office of Economic Development.

You’ll be surrounded by some of the world’s most innovative startups. Better yet, they want to hire you. Bring your resume as you may just land a job with a hot startup. Both technical and non-technical jobs are available.

How to Install Linux

A few people have expressed interest in setting up Linux as a development environment. There are a few ways that it can be done.

If you're interested, here are three methods and what you need to bring to a meetup. I won't explain the details on how to do it, because there are many tutorials that can be found with a Google search.

Method 1: Install Linux in a Virtualbox

You can run Linux inside of Windows by using Virtualbox.

Coding Bootcamps in Berkeley and El Cerrito

I don't know of any programming bootcamps or open hackerspaces in the Berkeley or El Cerrito area. The educational center that I'm proposing with CodeSelfStudy is not a coding bootcamp or a hackerspace, but it overlaps enough that it could function as a coding bootcamp alternative for people who want to learn web development.

Interested in the idea? Check out the proposal and leave a comment below!

Microsoft Recruiting Employees With Autism

The launch of a new pilot program positions Microsoft as the latest corporate giant looking to tap the employment potential of those on the spectrum.

The company says plans are underway to hire individuals with autism for full-time positions at its Redmond, Wash. headquarters.

..."People with autism bring strengths that we need at Microsoft, each individual is different, some have amazing ability to retain information, think at a level of detail and depth or excel in math or code."