Newbie Programmer Trying to Think of Clever Title

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Newbie Programmer Trying to Think of Clever Title

Hi! I'm new to the area, to programming, and to Code Self Study and I'm unreasonably excited about all three. I'm a biology nerd, a passionate environmentalist, a sometimes-gamer-and-cosplayer, and about to be married.

Here are the projects I'm working on:

  • Project Euler: I'm up to problem 22. This one's fun because I've had enough programming knowledge (C++) to solve every problem so far with only minor Googling.
  • An Android app that allows you to easily track your mood (helpful for people with mood disorders) similar to many that are already out there but specifically tailored to what I want from the app. I'm currently taking a free online class through Udacity to teach myself Java and XML.
  • I'm toying with the idea of an AI that would play the game Hanabi, which I'm pretty obsessed with. I'm moving away from LA, where my Hanabi buddies are, so I'm going to make some new ones.
  • A few more app ideas on the backburner, including a to-do list app that, like the mood tracker, is similar to other apps out there but works better for me. I'm not looking to monetize these apps, just use them and learn something along the way. A few other games, like minesweeper, that I would recreate as exercises.

Here's what I'm hoping to get from the group:

  • Friends. I'm new here! I know nobody! Please like me.
  • Collaborative projects, whether they are my brainchild or someone else's--that is, yes, I'm perfectly willing to work on your project for you, for free, although I can't promise that it will actually be timely or even helpful.
  • Learning from others, and maybe one day being experienced enough to help others learn.
  • People with whom I can have deep philosophical conversations, including but not limited to technology related topics, as promised by this page.
  • Looking forward to meeting people on Wednesday!

    Juliette (or Jules)

Tue, 2017-06-06 18:14
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Welcome to the community! Your projects sound great. I'd be interested in hearing more about them at a meetup.

I haven't built todo apps, except for the beginnings of one that attempts to solve my own executive functioning challenges. I want to integrate it with Emacs org-mode in a way that fits my way of thinking. I haven't found a system yet that works for me. :)

If you would like to work on projects collaboratively, feel free to add ideas to this page.