Support Code Self Study

Code Self Study is completely free, but it's funded entirely out of my pocket. Since 2013, the project has only taken in a couple of hundred dollars in voluntary contributions out of thousands of dollars in expenses. If you would like to chip in a small amount to help offset the costs of organizing the community, please see below. Even small amounts (e.g., $5 to $25) to offset costs are greatly appreciated.

Expenses include fees (hundreds of dollars in fees per year) and ongoing expenses of hosting the events.

Please note: there is no obligation at all to contribute to the group. It's completely free.

To contribute, go to the main meetup page and find the "chip in" button, or find me at a meetup. PayPal ([email protected]) also works.

Chip In on Meetup Support on Patreon

Total contributions from 2013 to September 2017: $157.34. Thanks for the suport!

If you would like to support Code Self Study with larger amounts (read about our goals), or have any questions, please email [email protected].

Thanks! Josh