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Kensington, CA, USA
About me: 
I've just moved to the Berkeley area with my fiance and I'm looking for friends and people to work on projects with/learn programming tips from. Aside from programming, my interests include piano (at which I am also a self-teaching beginner), video games and cosplay, and biology/chemistry. See the other box for why I like programming (your directions are a little confusing).
Why do you like programming?: 
I have loved puzzles my entire life, although after a bad experience in a Java class in high school I hated programming until very recently. With some encouragement from my fiance, I started grudgingly learning again (by myself) in college because I knew how employable the skills would be. I stumbled onto Project Euler and was hooked. It was a new type of puzzle and it was great. Then a few months ago, after trying and failing to find an app that fit my needs, something clicked and I realized that I could just make one. It was like discovering a superpower. It was kind of like being God. In fact, I'll have to check myself to make sure that I don't turn into a supervillain. So since then, as well as C++ for project Euler, I've been working on Java and XML to develop for Android. Then, I fell down a rabbit hole of resources for beginner programming. I'm completely lost and overwhelmed, but I'm having a great time. I would love to meet more people and learn how to program cooperatively rather than just alone.


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