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Welcome to the Code Self Study wiki. We're a community of programmers who like to study programming through in-person study groups. Our wiki and discussion forum are places where you can collaborate with other members. See the home page for more information about our community.

How to Edit the Wiki

If you want to edit the wiki, email [email protected] and we'll create an account for you. (Self-registration was turned off temporarily, due to spam attacks.) Feel free to help edit and organize the online resources! The wiki is a place where you can share your programming notes with others in the community.


For information about our meetings, see the Meetup Information page.

What to Work On?

Check out the Project Ideas, Coding Challenges and Puzzles, and Creating Programming Languages.


The wiki is being organized into portal pages. Clicking one of the links below will take you to a portal page about that topic. See also the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Hardware Tools Study Guides and Projects

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