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This page is for proposing group projects. Please create an account and login (via the link on the top right) to edit this page. You can sign your name by typing four tildes (~~~~). To indent comments, use one or more colons at the beginning of the line. You can see examples on the Talk page.

Project Proposals

Add your project below.

Code Self Study Rebuild

Proposed by: Josh

  • Goal: rebuild the website and deploy it.
  • Technologies: Python, Flask, MongoDB Postgres, jQuery -- there is still time to make suggestions. React.js on the front with a real-time commenting system? The wiki is PHP, so if you know PHP and want to help improve that part of the site, there are features to add in PHP like single signon between Mediawiki and Flask. We can decide whether to continue with MongoDB or switch to something like Postgres.
  • Status: Basic functionality is implemented, but there is still a lot of work to do.
  • License: Free software license for the code (MIT)
  • Code repo:
  • Team: Github contributors, Will C, Harrison,[add your name here if you want to write code for this project]
  • Notes: No experience is required to work on this project. We can divide tasks up in a way that helps everyone learn something new. I can help teach people and/or pair program. Josh (talk) 22:31, 2 August 2015 (CDT)

Current status: there is some code written, but there is a lot more to do. Here's a screenshot of the current layout:



  • Add a commenting system
  • Possibly add real-time commenting where new comments appear without page reload -- something like a forum-chatroom hybrid
  • Add the other content types from the old site (basic page, forum post, blog post, job page, hackathon)
  • Admin dashboard for content management
  • Write tests
  • Notification system to optionally notify users about new comments on subscribed content
  • Auto-copy our events back into pages on the site
  • Decide on whether to continue with MongoDB or switch to Postgres
  • Import the content and users from the old site
  • User authentication with Github, Google, Facebook, or Twitter (to reduce spam)
  • Single signon between the Flask site and this wiki
  • If someone is good at design and CSS, the design could be improved -- otherwise it will look like Bootstrap for now
  • Optional: a "like" system, so that users can "like" posts or "thank" other users by clicking on an icon
  • Recreate the content filters: filter out malicious user-generated content, etc.
  • (add more items here and/or see the Github issues list)
  • Deploy the site

Accessibility Project

Proposed by: Jesse

  • Goal:
  • Technologies:
  • Status:
  • License:
  • Code repo:
  • Team:
  • Notes:

Attorney CLE Tracker

Proposed by: Scott

  • Goal: Build tool for attorneys to track their Continuing Legal Education units. No current competition.
  • Technologies: Fullstack JavaScript with Node.js
  • Status: Just starting . . .
  • License:
  • Code repo: Will set something up on GitHub.
  • Team: Please add yourself here!
  • Notes:

Blog Project

Proposed by: Essie/Jason

  • Goal: Have tangible applications/experiences for new coders by showing them the basics of web HTTP and making web pages.
  • Technologies: Ruby, Middleman App, Terminal, Git/GitHub
  • Status:
    • 06 Aug 15: Four members showed up and all have working blogs hosted through GitHub.
    • 13 Aug 15: New week we may dive deeper in HTTP concepts and continue on with CSS and Ruby Gems
  • License: N/A
  • Code repo: <Processing Request... >
  • Team: Essie, Jason, Max, Sean
  • Notes: It was Awesome!!!

Balance Shared Expenses

Proposed by: Donny

  • Goal: Two people can each post dollar amounts for shared expenses and keep track of the balance between them. This way, they can see who should buy things next rather than having to keep paying each other back.
  • Technologies: Email (people can reply-all back and forth in a thread, cc-ing an app-tracked email address, giving them an automatic, fail-safe backup of history), Mailgun (for transactional email), Python/Flask (for getting POSTs from Mailgun), MongoDB (for storing records).
  • Status: Started on it, but buggy and not running.
  • License: None yet, but will do MIT probably
  • Code repo: none yet
  • Team:
  • Notes:


Copy the template below and paste it in the above section. Then fill out the info for your project.

Project Template

Proposed by: [your name(s) here]

  • Goal: [Add goals here. Try to think of projects/technologies that will help you learn something new or solve a problem.]
  • Technologies: [what technologies will be used?]
  • Status: [add status here]
  • License: [add license info here. Licenses are up to the individual groups, but Free software licenses are suggested on these group projects: GPL, MIT, or BSD are all reasonable choices.]
  • Code repo: [if a code repository is online, link to it here]
  • Team: [add your name(s) here, comma-separated, if you would like to work on this project in August]
  • Notes: [add any extra notes here]