September 2015 Projects

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Create this page near the end of August 2015.

See the August 2015 Projects for examples.

  • Suggested study topics: restart the SICP study group or work through Land of Lisp.

Code Self Study Rebuild

  • This project is continued from August. See that page for more information.


Copy the template below and paste it in the above section. Then fill out the info for your project.

Project Template

Proposed by: [your name(s) here]

  • Goal: [Add goals here. Try to think of projects/technologies that will help you learn something new or solve a problem.]
  • Technologies: [what technologies will be used?]
  • Status: [add status here]
  • License: [add license info here. Licenses are up to the individual groups, but Free software licenses are suggested on these group projects: GPL, MIT, or BSD are all reasonable choices.]
  • Code repo: [if a code repository is online, link to it here]
  • Team: [add your name(s) here, comma-separated, if you would like to work on this project in August]
  • Notes: [add any extra notes here]