Study programming in-person with other motivated, like-minded people.

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About Code Self Study

We're a community of over 1,000 developers in the San Francisco Bay Area who like to study programming. You can join our San Francisco Bay Meetups, online discussion forum, use our wiki sign up for our email newsletter, read about an idea for an educational center, and follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, and Facebook. Join us on IRC at channel #codeselfstudy.

What we'll cover:

  • Learn how to build web applications and other software
  • Prepare to get into a code school
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet creative people
  • Form study groups

Possible activities:

  • Work through interesting programming books with a group
  • Take online courses together
  • Create study plans and work through them
  • Pair programming – online and in-person
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Attend hackathons
  • Bring in experts to present and tutor
  • Make programming accessible to new people
  • And much more…

Some ideas for topics and books:

  • Fundamentals of Python Data Structures by Kenneth Lambert
  • JavaScript: Node.js, AngularJS, Meteor, etc.
  • Django and Flask topics
  • Design patterns books (JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.)
  • Work through Land of Lisp
  • Build some Ruby on Rails projects
  • Data science: statistics, machine learning, and visualization: D3.js, Python, R, and much more
  • Explore Haskell
  • Study modern PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Silex, and Slim
  • Learn how to develop on top of WordPress and Drupal
  • Anything else people are interested in – this project is for self-directed learners

More information is coming soon…