CSS – Hero Group

We're a friendly programming community made up of over 4,000 programmers in Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area. All programming languages and levels of experience are welcome!

Who We Are and How We Are Different

There are dozens of local meetup groups that teach people how to code. Here are some ways that we are different from most other groups:
  • We are building a local community of friendly, creative, highly-motivated programmers in the Berkeley area.
  • We're open to all programming languages, all levels of ability, and all types of programming (machine learning, scientific computing, hardware, systems programming, Web development, game programming, computer graphics, and more). If you like things like data science, lisps, logic, puzzles, esolangs, and mathematics you will probably find like-minded people here.
  • We're working towards the establishment of a local programming space and educational center in Berkeley.
  • If you are looking for a job, we would like to help you find a job -- and if you're just programming because you love programming, or you are interested in entrepreneurship instead of getting a job, this community is ideal for those things as well.
Some of the languages our members have been working with are: Python, JavaScript, Rust, Java, Scheme, Racket, Haskell, Clojure, Common Lisp, C, C++, C#, F#, Lua, Elixir, Erlang, Elm, Purescript, Ruby, Scala, PHP, Go, R, HTML/CSS, Octave, SQL and more. We're open to anything that is computer-related..

Programming Alternative

You can attend our meetings as a self-directed, coding bootcamp alternative. Experienced programmers in the group can offer mentorship on a project-based approach to learning.

This community is self-directed -- if you would like assistance with forming a study plan, let us know in the forum, chatroom, and/or at the meetups.

What We Do

  • Learn how to build software
  • Prepare to get into a code school or use the group as a bootcamp alternative.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Meet friendly, creative people.
  • Form study groups.
  • Build monthly projects.
  • Provide networking opportunities


  • Work through interesting programming books with a group.
  • Take online courses together.
  • Create study plans and work through them.
  • Pair programming – online and in-person.
  • Collaborate on the monthly projects.
  • Attend hackathons
  • Bring in experts to present and tutor.
  • Make programming accessible to new people.
  • And much more…

Project Ideas

  • Functional programming: Haskell, Elixir, Lisp, Scheme
  • JavaScript: Node.js, Vue, Angular, Ramda, Mithril, etc.
  • Python web development: Flask, Django, etc.
  • Newer languages like Rust and Elixir.
  • Data science: statistics, machine learning, and visualization (D3.js)
  • Python, R, and much more.
  • Mathematics