Programming School in Berkeley

We're looking for assistance with opening a new kind of self-directed educational center for programmers in the Berkeley area. See the homepage and our event listings for a list of proposed activities.

Our programming school will provide an alternative to conventional coding bootcamps: a high-quality programming education without requiring large amounts of money, advance preparation, or a fixed time commitment. Our model is guided self-study with mentorship from the more experienced members.


The Mission

Some of the goals of this educational center are to:

We're looking for a space to rent within a few blocks of a BART station so that it's accessible to people without their own transportation.

The Concept

The purpose of the space is to do one specific thing very well: facilitate the learning of computer programming.

  1. It will not exactly be a traditional "hackerspace", but will be centered around studying programming. There won't be the hardware and electronics of traditional hackerspaces/makerspaces. It will mainly focus on studying programming and related topics. (Note: small hardware projects that don't involve soldering, heavy machinery, and noise would be welcome. A goal is keep the space friendly for people who have difficulties with smells and noise.)
  2. It will not be a "coworking space", because it's not designed around working but is focused on studying.
  3. The school will be a new kind of self-directed educational center for people who study computer programming.

Benefits for the Community

Here are some of the benefits for the community:


If interested in the idea, please send us an email and/or leave a comment below.

We already have local meetup groups with over 4,000 local programmers. The next step is to find a dedicated space to meet. Check out our Code Self Study website and the main meetup group.


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